Hueso (ft. Ghvstz)


about The Artist


2020 has presented individuals with a plethora of societal hurdles ranging from the Covid-19 pandemic to protests of systemic racism, police brutality, climate change and arguably the most divisive US election any of us have ever experienced. These controversial and emotionally draining experiences impact us all differently. For the Ottawa-based recording artist Hueso, trying to understand and cope while trying to motivate himself during this trying time was challenging and at time strenuous. However, after several months of vexation, Hueso was able to find a middle ground and work on his latest ep titled Legacy. Legacy is a 6 song Ep that showcases Hueso’s layered musical prowess.

The 25-year-old Ottawa crooner finds himself creating poignant and impactful music such as “Prime”, a genre-defying story featuring heterophonic recordings and gentle and natural vocals that showcase his distinct story of transition – or the title track “Legacy”, a heavy-hitting collaborative effort that explores breaking the generational curse experienced by many Black Canadians. The EP reflects the manifestation of confidence Hueso has developed, and his desire to overcome the barriers of being a Canadian recording artist. The story-telling acumen and lyrical adroitness on display throughout his EP will be accompanied by 808’s, beats switches and guitar sampling instrumentals that will challenge and gratify your senses. Hueso’s music is best described as a merging of smooth vocals and lyricism.

On “Gone Til’ November” Hueso relies heavily on this lyricism to help tell his story of a pursuit for a better life. The upbeat sounds and distinct instrumentals are replaced with a moodier, almost antithetical sonically from what Hueso is known for. “No Kizzy” is an example of Hueso’s song-writing at its best. This alluring composition is full of surprises in addition to a poetic flute and full-bodied reverb. Hueso settles into his comfort zone on this song, flexing his muscles as a rapper and providing listeners with an exploration into his arsenal. Hueso’s love for instruments carries over on the song “Madness”, with hints of the flute and drill snares providing a backdrop for his unabashed personality to shine through. Here we can see Hueso trying to balance his Casanova personality with intentions of purity. His intentions are well aligned, even if the results are reckless at a time – it is a situation that is relatable and transparent, one of the key tenants of Hueso’s work. “On the Clock” finds Hueso’s lyrical barrage aimed at the composition and result-orientated nature of the music industry:

“Nxggaz think this music shxt a game to me
What’s fame to me?
When money ain’t a thing to me
I changed for me and look what I became to be
The nxgga that all of you hate
That ain’t a change for me
The pain was eased
Dussé snuck up on me dangerously”

Hueso raps towards the end of the first verse, a sublime yet and tacit response to critiques opinions about the rising star. Throughout this work, Hueso’s passion for both the melodious and a smooth atmosphere — as well as having a strong, resonant sound treads the line of hip-hop/R&B is clear, but this album is showing more of his rap ability.

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