Hueso will be doing the recording for his Legacy EP at New Alchemy and Audio Valley studios in Ottawa. Working with his production team in studio’s that he is comfortable with will allow Hueso to really push himself as he works on Legacy. Hueso will be documenting the process – a behind the scenes look into his creative process will be available through Instagram. This is an opportunity for the artist to show his most authentic self. Hueso is planning his listening party in Ottawa for (TBD) and he will be releasing the project on all major digital platforms. Hueso knows that Ottawa has a host of talented artists and a community that really thirsts to see its local artists thrive. By working at studios in the community, documenting his process for his fans to see and having a listening party in which fans can have an authentic interaction with the artist – from understanding his thought process on creation to navigating the peaks and valleys of being a recording artist from Ottawa – Hueso is intent on making his community feel like they are a part of his journey and his success.

5) If relevant, how will other people/artists be involved in the creation/production of your work? If applicable, include short bios.

Hueso will have one producer (Ripvctr) and feature(City Fidelia) on the album. We have included biographies of both individual sin our application. City Fidelia will feature on the single “Legacy” and Ripvctr will be producing the entire EP.

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